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2.0 AutoLYNX Sway Bar Disconnect [Pair]
AutoLYNX Sway Bar Disconnect
2.0 AutoLYNX Sway Bar Disconnect [Pair]
AutoLYNX Sway Bar Disconnect
AutoLYNX Sway Bar Disconnect
AutoLYNX Sway Bar Disconnect
AutoLYNX Sway Bar Disconnect
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, 2.0 AutoLYNX Sway Bar Disconnect [Pair]
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, AutoLYNX Sway Bar Disconnect
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, 2.0 AutoLYNX Sway Bar Disconnect [Pair]
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, AutoLYNX Sway Bar Disconnect
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, AutoLYNX Sway Bar Disconnect
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, AutoLYNX Sway Bar Disconnect
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, AutoLYNX Sway Bar Disconnect

2.0 AutoLYNX Sway Bar Disconnect [Pair]

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10.5"  : X02-05-001
8.0"    : X02-05-002


Set of 2.  It’s been many years of suffering the sway bar “quick disconnect."  My first experience using these required a hammer and a tire wrench. It’s arguable that unbolting is easier. 

For use with factory shocks including Rubicon, Sport and Sahara models. Including JK/JL/JT. This shorter link will make mounting easier on stock - 2.0” lift kits. No trimming required on factory wheel wells.


10.5" STROKE
For use with aftermarket shocks. If you plan on upgrading to longer shocks than factory supplied, use the 10.5” stroke autoLYNX. Mopar 2” lift kits will use the 10.5” stroke autoLYNX.

As a new company, we want to make products that stand out by fixing known issues that are an irritation for the off-roader.
The patent-pending AutoLYNX was designed to make disconnecting the sway bar much faster and easier:
  • No need to fight a stuck link.
  • No need to find perfectly flat ground to connect or reconnect. 
To disconnect the sway bar, just hop out and turn the knob a quarter turn and then do the other side. Takes less than 10 seconds. It’s easy to turn and that's it. Hop back in and drive. 

You can do this on relatively un-flat  ground up to 4” of articulation.

To reconnect, turn the knobs back to the lock position and push the sway bar down until you hear a “click” and that's it. Only one side needs to be pushed down to latch. As you drive, it will automatically latch the other side. Your Jeep can be at full articulation to re-latch the bar. 
  • No need to park the bar or clean the mounting pins.
  • No need to find level ground.
  • No need to push and pull under a muddy Jeep. 
The hardest part is getting out of the Jeep...that’s it!

The link has multiple positions to allow for almost all possibilities of link fitment. Measure your old one and set it there.

What about quality?

It's built much like a high end damper with an induction hardened, hard chromed shaft and hard anodized body. The bushing is OE style vulcanized rubber. These are tooled and made special for this application, not a generic bushing. The upper bushing has a special swivel for sway bar swing.    

What will it work with?

Most any sway bar. We recommend the Jeep sport sway bar though it could be used as an antirock bar or other. It can be used with the Rubicon bar but we recommend removing it, as it tends to fail (the bushing fails as does the love joy style connector. It also makes a lot of noise when worn). 


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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Love them

Great product. Great customer service. Had some trouble with install. (My fault) Had some correspondence with Apex and AJ was able to help me out.
Thank you AJ.

Good Product

Just got these in the mail yesterday so I haven’t had a chance to install yet. First impressions are positive as they look to be of great quality/craftsmanship. Packaging is top shelf. The reason for four stars is due to some blemishes in the finish. It looks as if they sat next to a welder and caught some spatter. Almost looks like rust spots but I know thats not possible on the aluminum body near the release knob. Not sure...only recommendation is maybe better quality control prior to packaging. Overall it’s a nice product though!

The spots you’re referring to are not associated with welding there is nothing welded on the product. As in any product, there is no such thing as perfection, it’s impossible. We DO check all parts and fitment in the assembly with great care.

The spots you’re referring to is from the heat treatment of the 417 stainless steel body cap. This is a 300k psi tensile strength material and is extremely high end. The quench presses can sometimes leave a very slight witness mark from the oil running off. We quoted removing this from the 5% or so that it appears on, but the cost would add $$$ to the product retail price. As we do not make a great margin on this product to keep it affordable, we thought the value of a slight mark on a few parts that most people wouldn’t notice or care about was the right choice. If it does bother you a great deal or it’s a show Jeep you can polish it off or use 600 wet dry sandpaper.

We noticed you left a review prior to trying the product as well. It does look nice but it was designed for function first and foremost.

Awesome Product

Awesome product. I highly recommend for anyone with a Jeep. ApexDesign answered all my questions and were great!!! Again awesome product and a great company!


Lost in transit

Unfortunately my original order went missing in Cincinatti but a replacement set has been dispatched today to replace the ones that went missing , im sure they will be fantastic as iv seen them on a few of my mates Jeeps , another review will follow as soon as i get them on , they are due to arrive in the 7th 👍👍


Exactly what I was looking for

This is an excellent sway bar disconnect solution, especially for non Rubicon’s. Works exactly as described. Disconnecting and reconnecting is absolutely easy. This allows for full flex in my JLU all the way to the bumpstops.