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About Us

Our Mission & Vision:
It’s our mission to bring products to the automotive market that are innovative, high-value, and of the highest quality. These products are meant to improve the experience of the things we love to do…off-road and on-road, whether the design fixes a known issue or enhances your vehicle’s performance.

Our History:

The founder of APEX, Paul Cox, has been designing products for over 20 years for well-known companies such as AFCO (dirt racing products), Fox (dampers of all kinds), and Falcon (dampers). As a product design manager at Fox, he produced many well-recognized products that are staples of the industry today.

Having started Falcon as the technical founder, he introduced more designs to the market that have become very popular in a few short years. With this experience and over 30 patents granted, you can be assured that APEX will bring you a long line of new products created to increase the enjoyment of the vehicles we love so much.