1.0 Power Steering Cooler Capacity and Weight & Oil Requirements

The added capacity of the cooler is:
.85 liters
29 oz.
This system MUST use high grade pure synthetic. Do not use ATF.
Did you know there are five grades of oil and high grade synthetic is water clear (sometimes companies add a color for marketing)?
Why the good stuff?
High grade synthetics offer a much higher temperature capacity without breaking down. Even more important is that it will maintain a core consistent viscosity at low temperatures so the steering will not become heavy and blow off the pressure relief valve to soon. This could cause a large reduction in power assist at very low temperature conditions (sub 10F).
It’s a 150% increase in capacity
Oil used should be to Chrysler minimum spec MS-11655
All oils that meet this spec may be used.

Recommended Oils:

Part# 68088485AB

Common at parts stores  
Part# Pentosin CHF 11S

Another commonly found oil
Part# Redline 30404