1.0 Power Steering Cooler [JK / JL / JT-compatible] Technical Info


This high performance Power Steering Cooler for the Jeep® platform addresses the challenges of intermittent power steering shut off and pump failure due to excessive heat. Once installed, the additional fluid volume and cooler surface assists in maintaining a stable operating temperature and keeps your system at an optimal operating range. Ultra heavy duty—this component can be installed almost anywhere.

Innovative extra large ports feature low pressure drop and allow fluid to soak longer for improved cooling. A triple pass design and internal fins permit more heat to transfer than a traditional system. Removable end caps allow for easy cleaning in the event of a pump or steering gear failure.

The cooler has a high pressure limit of 1000PSI+ for serious performance, and is anodized for 1200+ hours salt test to ensure a durable finish that will stand the test of time. The Viton seals may be used with almost any oil, fuel, or coolant.

Rugged design allows the Power Steering Cooler to be mounted in areas more fragile systems must avoid, so it can be mounted away from heat sources and other aftermarket equipment. A standard SAE ORB port allows for many fitting options. The cooler can be solidly mounted, no special rubber mounts required.


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Frequently asked questions

What length RPV should I order for my wheels?

You will need to measure your valve stem well in order to properly determine which length valve to purchase. It is impossible for us to know the length for every wheel application on the market as wheel width, offset, size often changes the depth of the valve stem well. Please CLICK HERE to watch a video that demonstrates how to properly measure.

What length autoLYNX do I purchase for a 2"-2.5" lift?

The 2" - 2.5" lift is right between the 8" and 10.5" autoLYNX size. The determining factor is your front bump-stop length and shock stroke length. If you have at least a 2" bump-stop extension installed in the front, you can/should run the 10.5" version. If you do not have bump-stop extension installed in the front you will need to run the 8" version. 2" bump-stop extensions are common with most lifts that include a 10" or greater travel shock.

8" autoLYNX works w/ 7" - 9.5" travel shocks and no added bump-stops.

10.5" autoLYNX works w/ 9.5" - 13" travel shocks w/ at least 2" front bump-stop extension.