APEX Rapid Precision Valve TPMS Fitment Info

If you have a Jeep, Ford, Dodge/RAM or other American-brand vehicle The included TPMS holders will work
If you have a Toyota, Honda, Nissan or other Japanese-brand vehicle, or a Mercedes vehicle Use our TPMS Adapter Kit
If you need a new sensor or your current ones don't fit Use the EZ Sensor by Schrader (these will work with the included TPMS holders)


A. The APEX valves come with a TPMS mount that is compatible with the following type of TPMS:


The VS-950/650 is very common and is used on most USA-built cars (Jeep, Ford, Dodge, Chevrolet, RAM, etc). If you have this brand of vehicle, you do not need the TPMS adapter kit!
B. APEX offers a TPMS adapter kit for one-piece TPMS pictured below:

Toyota, Nissan, and most Japanese vehicle brands use a one-piece TPMS/tire valve and will require the use of
 TPMS adapters. The TPMS adapter kit will allow you to use the OEM one-piece TPMS. NOTE: Some 2022 and newer Toyotas have started using the American standard TPMS and will not need the adapter kit.


NOTE: Aftermarket click or push-in sensors (e.g. Autel MX sensor with "Press" button) are not compatible with the standard RPV TPMS holder or the TPMS adapters.

Recommended aftermarket sensor that is compatible with the standard TPMS holder (included with the RPV): https://www.schradertpms.com/en/our-products/schrader-ez-sensor-familyr

EZ Sensor

If unsure, please send us a message to determine fitment!



What length RPV should I order for my wheels?

You will need to measure your valve stem well in order to properly determine which length valve to purchase. It is impossible for us to know the length for every wheel application on the market as wheel width, offset, size often changes the depth of the valve stem well. Please CLICK HERE to watch a video that demonstrates how to properly measure.

What length autoLYNX do I purchase for a 2"-2.5" lift?

The 2" - 2.5" lift is right between the 8" and 10.5" autoLYNX size. The determining factor is your front bump-stop length and shock stroke length. If you have at least a 2" bump-stop extension installed in the front, you can/should run the 10.5" version. If you do not have bump-stop extension installed in the front you will need to run the 8" version. 2" bump-stop extensions are common with most lifts that include a 10" or greater travel shock.

8" autoLYNX works w/ 7" - 9.5" travel shocks and no added bump-stops.

10.5" autoLYNX works w/ 9.5" - 13" travel shocks w/ at least 2" front bump-stop extension.