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APEX Rapid Precision Valve TPMS Fitment

Style of TPMS mount that is compatible with APEX deflator:

The VS-950 is very common and is used on most cars (Jeep, Ford, Dodge, Chevrolet, RAM, etc). See below for picture of TPMS post that is compatible with the TPMS mounts that come standard with the valves.
Toyota, Nissan, and most Japanese vehicle brands use a one-piece TPMS/tire valve and will require the use of TPMS adapters. The TPMS adapters will work with the OEM TPMS.

This type of TPMS is NOT COMPATIBLE with the TPMS mounts that come standard with the valves (special adapter kit is needed):
Aftermarket click or push-in sensors (e.g. Autel MX sensor with "Press" button) are not compatible with the standard RPV TPMS holder or the TPMS adapters.

Recommended aftermarket sensor that is compatible with the standard TPMS holder (included with the RPV):

If unsure, please send us a message to determine fitment!