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Do I need a power steering cooler?

Maybe. Read this article to find out.

How does this thing work?
Check out this article on the power steering cooler technology.

How big is this thing?
The cooler (main metal body) is 25" x 3.5" x 2" & weighs 8.8 lbs.

What is the oil cooler capacity & weight?
.85 liters, or 29oz
The system MUST use high grade pure synthetic. Do not use ATF.
Read more about why and recommended oils here.

I have a winch. Will this fit? Winch Photos
Yes, we designed the power steering cooler specifically to "play nice" with all your other aftermarket accessories. It can be mounted horizontally, vertically, forwards or backwards.

Check out the installation instructions here (has winch-specific illustrations as well).

How do I install this thing?
Check out install videos from:

Tactical JK


Do you have to be on perfectly level ground to lock/unlock?
No you don't. If going from unlocked to locked, it can be highly articulated. To go from locked to unlocked, it doesn't have to be very level at all. A few inches compressed from side to side is fine. You don't want to unlock it while it's highly articulated as it could unload the vehicle.

Will these work with stock height vehicles? What if I want to add a lift later?
Yes, they work with stock vehicles. The snap ring mount allows for various lengths to match your current link center to center. This also allows you to add lift to your Jeep in the future without purchasing a new sway bar disconnect.

What vehicles can use this?
This will fit most any straight-axle vehicle. If in doubt, please send us a message describing your current setup!


Does it fit any wheel?
It fits most wheels. Some bead lock brands/styles have a deeper valve stem recesses that it might not fit perfectly [we are already designing a solution]. If in doubt, please send us a message with a photo of your wheel. Check out the valve clearance specs.

How do I install this?
Check out the quick instructions.

Does this work with TPMS?
Yes, it works with most standard TPMS. One notable exception is the Toyota TPMS. Read more about fitment here. If you are unsure about your vehicle, please email us at or message us on Instagram @apexdesignsusa

Do I need to drill my wheel?
No you don't. This will replace your current valve stem.

Will this allow us to air up faster?
The air valve has about 20% more flow than standard on the air up, not as drastic an improvement as the air down. It was primarily designed for fast (and precise) deflation & to use standard inflation tools.

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